Gonorėjos komplikacijos

If gonorr is allowed to go undisturbed without treatment, it can cause serious consequences for both women and men. This will have different outcomes for each gender, but it can lead to serious complications – there is no doubt – especially if the bacterium has crossed the blood since it causes the bacterium to spread to other parts of the body. Fortunately, this is unusual, but an untreated gonorrhea infection significantly increases the risk.

Both sexes may have the following complications of gonorrhea:

Problems with joints – this is where the bacterium has entered the bloodstream and across the joints, which causes inflammation in the areas affected by the gonoric bacteria. If this happens, it can lead to permanent complications like chronic gout. This is fortunately a very unusual complication.
HIV – It is not a common knowledge, but there is actually an increased risk of HIV if you are infected with gonorrhea because you are more susceptible to other infections.
Heart problems – The heartbreaks can also be affected in the same way as the joints in the body, this can lead to a serious condition if the heart valve is impaired.
Eye infections – Newborns are particularly prone to eye infection if the mother has gonorrhea. This eye infection can cause the child to become permanently blind if it is not treated quickly.

Women and Gonore Complications:

When the gonococcus moves towards the reproductive tract, and is allowed to develop untreated, it can lead to serious consequences in women

Pelvic inflammation – This is a serious complication that can cause even more problems after the infection has been treated. It is estimated that 10-20% of all women who develop a gonorrhea will develop pelvic inflammation, leading to scarring of the ovary during menstruation and can lead to ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) in future pregnancies. Usually this will require hospitalization in order to overcome the disease, but the chances of infertility are particularly high. This can be very devastating for young women who have not founded a family, and they may get their dreams broken.
Chronic pain in the pelvis and lower abdominal region.
Inflammation of the bartholic glands (issuing a secret under sex to lubricate the vagina) – this often leads to pain and discomfort.
Exodus from the genitals.
If you are pregnant after you have received the infection, there is a risk that you can transfer it to your unborn child.

Men and complications of gonore

Epididymitis – This is a condition where the bite stick swings and adheres to seminars. This is very painful and can lead to fever, and worst case infertility.
Irritations in the urethra can lead to problems with urination.
Inflammation of sperm can also occur.
Acute prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is another complication caused by gonorrhea and is a bacterial infection in the prostate glands.
Outbreaks in the reproductive area can also occur, which is painful.
There is an increased risk of bladder cancer.

Test yourself for gonore

By detecting symptoms of gonore at an early stage, you will significantly reduce the risk of serious complications! There are many who go through an untreated gonore infection for too long and could easily be avoided by taking a gonore test at home or at the doctor. This should also take you every time you change partner, and it is advisable to test your gonore regularly if you are one of the risk groups for gonore. This prevents you from infecting others as well as preventing the infection from spreading to other parts of the body. Gonore is a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection that will only disappear with proper treatment. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they are infected and there is reason to believe that there is a large number of blacks in the number of new infected people in Norway each year.