Informacija apie gonorėjos testą

Gonore is caused by the bacteria nesseria gonorrhoeae, better known as gonococcus, which infects through unprotected intercourse or from mother to child during birth. This bacterium causes disease by attacking the mucous membranes along the genitals, and can also infect other parts of the body involved in sexual contact, such as mouth, throat, anus and rectum. A gonococcal infection may in many cases give a very serious reaction to the erection of the skin within seven days of infection, but in many, especially women, the disease may develop over time without giving any kind of symptoms or ailments. Despite the fact that gonore does not always give symptoms, the bacteria will always leave characteristic traces in the form of “gonorespecific surface antigens”. These are molecules that are specific to gonorrhea, and these can be detected using a home test for gonorrhea.

How do you perform a gonet test at home?

It is incredibly easy to perform a home test for gonore, and the entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is drop a few drops of buffer solution A into the test tube and then add sample material. The principles behind sample collection are somewhat different between the sexes, but beyond these principles of self-test for gonore in men and women the same.

Sampling for women performing a quick test for gonore:

The first thing to do is to put the swab into the vagina, rotating it for a few seconds before removing it, but be careful not to touch the swab to other surfaces. as contamination can produce incorrect results. Finally, dip the dipstick into a sample tube with beef solution A, where it is stirred well for a few seconds before it is removed and discarded.

Test Collection for Men Performing Home Testing Gonore:

The swab is inserted into the urethra opening and rotated well round for a few seconds. This is undoubtedly an unpleasant part of the test procedure in men, but it is important that you use sufficient power for a long time, as you need a certain amount of test material to give the test a reliable result. The last thing you do is put the swab into the sample tube with buffer solution A, where it turns well for 5 seconds.

The final part of the test procedure for self-test gonore equals men and women:

The last thing you do is to add a few drops of buffer solution B into the test tube, and then close the lid and shake the container well for 20 seconds before passing the mixture onto the test cartridge. Now, just wait for approx. 15 minutes on the result, which you read by looking at the strings that are formed on the test cassette. Two strokes indicate a positive test and infection, while a stretch means that you are not infected.